Default value for datetime field in blueprint not working

Hello everyone,

I am trying to create a blueprint with the following structure:

    label: Date
    type: datetime
    required: true
      format: DD.MM.YYYY
      default: today
      interval: 15
      default: now`

The default value for the time filed works well. But the default date is not being set.

However, using a plain date field like this will work correctly:

    label: Test
    type: date
    format: DD.MM.YYYY
    default: today

Any ideas what this might be?

I think the default option is not implemented, if you remove default:now from the time key in datetime, the result is just the same. I have created a feature request issue on Github.

Thank you very much. I just assumed this would be implemented, because each field alone does support the default option. I’ll keep watching the Github request.