Default Controller doesn't work

Hi everyone!

I’m working on my first Kirby project. :slight_smile:

In my footer, I’ll fetch some sites to build a secondary nav. Now I tried to separate the logic to a default controller in site/controllers/site.php according to the docs.

I try to access the returned variables in my footer-Snippet but I’m getting a PHP notice, that the variables are undefined. It seems the default controller doesn’t get called.

If I rename it to for example home.php it works on the homepage.

Am I missing something?

What Kirby version are you using? The default controller is a feature of the upcoming 2.3.0 version, which is currently in its beta state.

It’s great that there are docs already but the indication that it’s only avaiable for an unreleased beta version is really tiny.

Maybe scream a little if it’s a beta feature?


@texnixe :open_mouth: ok - problem solved. I’m on 2.2.3 :blush:
I thought the docs are for the current stable version, but now I see the little indication.

Thanks for help!!!

Yeah, maybe: