Decimals in number field

I noticed some quirky behaviour with decimals in a number field. I’m on Kirby 3.3.0.

After entering a number with decimals e.g. 66.66 the save bar at the bottom of the page appears, while the focus is on the field I can hit ‘Command S’ on my keyboard to successfully save the number including decimals. But when the field looses focus, the save bar shows up again, meanwhile the decimals disappear (66.66 shows as 66). When I save the decimals are obviously lost (66 saved), when I hit revert the decimals reappear but dots are converted into commas (it shows: 66,66 and 66.66 is saved in the content file).

Can you reproduce this, is this ‘normal’ behaviour?

Have you defined the step option? You need to do that to use decimals in a number field, for example:

  step: .01

However, IMO the field should throw an error that the entered value is not correct.

I didn’t use step, I’ve tried that and it initially didn’t seem to make any difference but after restarting MAMP it seems ok now.
The field didn’t throw an error. When I enter a non decimal value (with step in place) I can save with field in focus but when focus is lost it will show decimals and the save bar shows up and no error is shown. Still somewhat confusing?