Deactive markdown input in writer fields


trying out the new writer field, we noticed that it automatically resolves markdown input for the available marks, e.g. everything between two * will be italicized. This makes handling texts using the Gender* quite cumbersome. Is there a way to deactive markdown input in writer fields? Unfortunately, it also does not help to escape the asterisk with a backslash.


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I just tested this and a prepended backslash works for me, as does pressing backspace once after the last asterisk (like it appears you’re already doing in your preview).

This should work if you’re not running kirbytext() on your output. If you do need Kirbytags but no markdown, you can create a custom field method (not tested in this context):

// site/plugins/field-methods/index.php

Kirby::plugin('bruno/field-methods', [
    'fieldMethods' => [
        'ktNoMarkdown' => function ($field) {
            $str = $field->value;
            $str = kirbytags($str);
            return $str;

Slightly related: The editors of a site I’m currently working on are using a colon (“Schüler:innen”) instead of the “gender star” (“Schüler*innen”) – apparently, this approach is equally agreed upon and works for people using screen readers as well. They’re also trying to use gender neutral terms (Studierende) whenever possible.

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Thanks for your suggestions! Yes, pressing backspace is the workaround that we are currently using. Strangely, we can’t get the backslash to work (tested on Kirby 3.5.1). Is there a config setting for this?

Unfortunately, neither is a solution when pasting text. It can get quite tedious to find and replace all automatic substitutions. That’s why turning it off entirely would be very welcome.

We have also discussed using a colon instead, but decided to keep using the gender*.

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Looks like this doesn’t happen if you disable marks and maybe some marks, but that is of course not an ideal solution. Maybe create an issue on GitHub or a feature request on Nolt.

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Thanks, I have opened an issue on GitHub: Writer field: Option to disable markdown input

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Current status as of 3.6:

Text between * is rendered as italic, already in the panel while the asterisks disappear.
When italics are disabled using the marks settings, this behavior is disabled too. So in the meantime, this is a workaround:

marks: false
# or
  - bold

For the future I think it would be really good, if the markdown thing could be turned off at all. Most non-tech-people are very confused by this.

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