Dates array with default date picker

Can I abuse with another question ?
I created an array of “special days” that displays each value in my calendar.

<?php $fmoon = array('2017-02-11', '2017-03-12', '2017-04-11', '2017-05-10', '2017-06-09', '2017-07-09', '2017-08-07', '2017-09-06', '2017-10-05', '2017-11-04', '2017-12-03');?>

But the user want to be able to custom himself the dates. Can we do that with the default date picker ?
I mean adding as many dates as wanted ?

Take a look at the structure field:

You can use it with a date field.

Cool, I did

    label: Addresses
    type: structure
    width: 1/2
    entry: >
        label: Date
        type: date

but the call :

<?php $fmoon = $site->fmoon()->yaml(); ?>
<?php $fmoon = $site->fmoon()->toStructure(); ?>

doesn’t work

What do you mean by it doesn’t work? It does not deliver any results when you do a dump($fmoon)? Do you get an error message?

I’m using an if to get a specific ID if the value correspond
<?php if (in_array($day, $fmoon)) { echo 'id="fmoon"';} ?>

The ID is displayed with my manual array but not with yaml() or toStructure()

Which is not that surprising, because you don’t get a flat array, but a multidimensional one with the yaml()method. You will see the structure if you dump the array as I suggested above. The toStructure() method returns a collection, not an array.

$items = $site->fmoon()->toStructure();
$dates = [];
foreach($items as $item) {
  $dates[] = $item->date('Y-m-d');
if (in_array($day, $dates)) { echo 'id="fmoon"';}