Date picker output problem

I configured the date picker in the blueprint as DD.MM.YYYY in that order and with points.

But the output on the front end is YYYY-MM-DD in wrong order and with dashes.

What’s wrong ?

You can define a format when rendering the date on the frontend like this:

<?= $page->date('d.m.Y'); ?>

The blueprint setting is only relevant for showing the date in the Panel.

That dows not work.

I choosed <?= $page->datum('d.m.Y'); ?> because “datum” is the name.

Now on the Frontend the output is still 2017-04-27

Ok, but the date field is special, so it is easier when a date field is called date. You can do this, though:

<?= $page->date('d.m.Y', 'datum'); ?>

Thank you. I renamed the field from Datum to date and had to change that word in all the txt files because data migration was alredy done. Now it works fine and the date is shown correctly.