Date Issue with same day events

Hey, we have just released but a funny thing is happening at the agenda/calendar.

When publishing same day events, using the date fields, one of them is being pushed towards next day.

if you go to the calendar page in Agder Art Academy | Calendar

the bottom 2 events are same day and are displaying incorrectly.

It says the website is coming soon?

ops, sorry about that. it is available now.

weirdly enough dates now can coexist.

However, when that is the case, and only when, date displayed pushes back one day or forward one day.

any ideas? kinda lost here

The only thing I know is that the date field had or has certain issues in some circumstances.

What’s your Kirby version?

kirby 3

There are quite a few Kirby 3.x versions. I was interested in the numbers after the 3.

i can create an event and it stores properly.

if i create another one on the same date, then, both walk one day backwards. or afterwards.

Or for instance, if an event starts on the 16th and ends on the 17th. And another events already is stored on the 17th, the two day event goes back in time like from 17-16 of january.

SO ODD. :grinning:

this is a cool site for an amazing art education initiative inside the norwegian prison system. inmates and artists alike will use it.

and the calendar is an important part of it, if we could work something out together, would be great.

Maybe even changing the way dates are sorted on the front-end? dont know, am open.

will check it now.