Date Format ... Same format outputs differently?

I am using the following code in a template:

<?php echo $articleItem->date('M Y');
if ($articleItem->dateUntil()->isNotEmpty()) :
echo ' - ' . $articleItem->dateUntil('M Y');
endif; ?>

It outputs as:

Jan 2006 - 2010-12-31

The first date seems correct, the second date is not in the right format. Both have the same type in the blueprint:

  label:  Date
  type:   date
  format: MM/DD/YYYY
  label:  Date Until
  type:   date
  format: MM/DD/YYYY

If I output them as raw info, one is a timecode and the other is a date (2010-12-31).

I am really confused. Both should be the same. I can’ work out why they are different. Any pointers greatly appreciated.


The date() method is special. It allows the format string while other methods do not.

You can output the dateUntil field with your custom format using this code:

echo ' - ' . $articleItem->date('M Y', 'dateUntil');

The second parameter of date() defines the field to use.

PS: Please post your code using Markdown code blocks in the future. They use three backticks at the beginning and end of the code in separate lines. I have changed it for you above.

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Thanks Lukas

Much appreciated. It looks like I was lucky with my first one, getting the the date format to work that is (my field being called date and …)

I will also add code using three back ticks. Thanks for amending my original post for me.

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