Customize editor buttons


Does anybody know if you can customize or add buttons to the editor toolbar of the kirby/editor? (with the editor toolbar I mean the one with bold, italic, etc…)

For example, add an extra toolbar button to make it possible to highlight text in a specific paragraph.

The html in the end could be something like this: <p>Some text with <span class="fc--neutrals-1">some hightlights</span> and some more text</p>

I want to make this as user friendly as possible for your average dummy user :grimacing:
I know how to use the editor custom blocks but I don’t think that this is a good fit for this usecase since I just want to modify specific parts of a paragraph.

Tx for any help and/or info!

To clarify; Here’s an example where I added a simular functionality to the “Quill” toolbar (not kirby related)

That’s currently not possible, but there’s a feature request:

Fair enough. Tx!