Custom Whoops with debug disabled

Is it possible to change the page the gets displayed when debugging is disabled and an error happens? Would be nice to make it fit the design of the website, and change the text.

You could change/kirby/views/fatal.php, but your changes would get overwritten with the next update.

I wouldn’t tell anyone that an error occurred, though.

Hmm ok. I don’t like to touch the core Kirby stuff if i can help it. it was more to give people a way to get back to the bits of the site that do work. Often for me, its one page that breaks, and i haven’t caught it before it goes live.

Im working on a large site that was developed by someone else and theres a quite a few areas where things are used without checking it exists first… you know the deal :slight_smile: i’ve corrected most of them so a whoops doesn’t get thrown, but i’m sure theres one or two i haven’t found yet.

I just wanted something generic like the sites 404 page so it at least has the main menu and stuff on it.

How about a route? could i not reroute the fatal page to something ive made?