Custom HTML block on Panel

Hello, Is there a straight forward way (or a plugin) for a block to allow for a user in the panel to paste custom HTML code? The user could paste an iFrame, a code with some Javascript on it (like a Stripe embedable button) or other similar structure, that is pasted in a block int the Panel to be rendered in the front-end.

Thank you

Are you talking about the editor? Or a standard text field? Because there is no reason why the user shouldn’t be able to paste HTML into a textarea field.

I have the same question. If I add HTML code in a text block when editing a page in the panel, it simply shows the same raw code on the other side.

I have tried using the markdown block with the same result.

Any advice would be appreciated, I truly cannot figure out how to put some custom (non youtube/vimeo) iframe embed code on my website.

You are talking about the blocks field, i gues? Then a custom block would be the way to go