Custom block label: query from radio field

Hi all, I have a very simple question about a custom block:
If I enter as label: “{{ size }}” it shows the value of the radio field “value”

but if I use label: “{{ size.text }}” doesn’t show anything.

Is it possible to use the text insted of value?


Here my blueprints/blocks/space.yml

name: Space
icon: dots
label: "{{ size }}"
    label: Dimensione
    type: radio
    columns: 3
    default: md
      - value: 2
        text: extra small
      - value: 4
        text: small
      - value: 8
        text: medium
      - value: 12
        text: large
      - value: 16
        text: extra large
      - value: 24
        text: extra extra large

No, it’s not query language, you can only show the value.