Creating page under sub subfolder

My content structure;

  • festivaller
    • festival 1
      • levent

My code

try {
$newPage = page('festivaller')->children()->create(get('firstname'), 'kayit', array(
  'firstname'     => get('firstname'),
  'email'         => get('email'),
  'text'          => get('text')
  echo 'The user has been created';

catch(Exception $e) {

  echo 'The user could not be created';
  // optional error message: $e->getMessage();


I want to create a folder under the festivaller/festival

it doesn’t work

Could you help me please

I imagine something like page('festivaller/festival1')->children()->create(...) could work? untested though…

Nope it doesn’t work

And what’s the error message?

I have got blank page

Have you tried enabling debug mode in your config.php with c::set('debug', true) to get some information about the error?