Page create child syntax

Here are two cases:

The first one will create a page in the root, even if I first search for a parent.

page('update-root')->create('update-child', 'standard', []);

The second one will create a page as child to the parent.

page('update-root')->children()->create('update-child', 'standard', []);

I understand why the second one works, because we need to add children() to the query.

Maybe it’s a suggestion but I think that the first case without adding children() also would create a page as a child. The reason for that is that because I did page('update-root'), I clearly don’t want to add it to the root, but in that folder.

No, maybe we should remove that static method from the docs, it’s probably more for internal use, the page::create() method is used inside the children object like this:

// /kirby/core/children.php
  public function create($uid, $template, $data = array()) {
    $page = page::create($this->page->id() . '/' . $uid, $template, $data);
    $this->data[$page->id()] = $page;
    return $page;