Creating/duplicating virtual pages

I have 9 ‘brands’, all of them have articles as children. All of them share the same articles so I want to create (and edit later if needed) those articles from one place and creating with that data virtual pages for all brands. All the brands share the same template.

Creating pages at one location in the panel:

Duplicating these (virtual) pages automatically to:

Is this possible via some route in the config file? I tried a lot but can’t figure it out.

You could create virtual children from these pages using a page model, see Guide (but ignore the first example)

In general, serving the same content from different URLs is not a good idea, though.

The 9 brand pages are separate landing pages. So users won’t be going to the sibling brand pages. Almost like 9 separate websites under under 1 domain.

@texnixe I tried this but can’t figure it out but content from the panel.

Or do you think that the best scenario is just adding the articles by hand on the 9 different ‘brand’ pages? Or maybe another solution that the client just have to update on one place.

Don’t think that’s a good idea, because they would have to make every change multiple times.

Your brand/news page should have a model that sets that news subpages as children.

Did you manage it?

@texnixe I did not manage to solve the problem on my own. I hired a developer that build a plugin for me that does the job perfectly, credits to Sven Ewers.

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