Creating an Alert Widget

So I want to create an easy way to set an Weather Alert. So I will have few input fields on the Dashboard. My questions are:

  • Can I use Blueprints ? If yes how ?
  • Where should I save the data?
  • How can I access the data?

I hope somebody can help me

~ Max

What exactly are you trying to do? Do you want to warn Panel users or do you want Panel users to set weather alerts for the visitors of the site? Which input fields do you require?

I want Panel users to be able to set weather alerts. To achieve my specific goal I would need a title and some text

    Alert Title: <input [...] type="text">
    Alert Text:  <textarea [..] ></textarea>

in my templates I would like to add either a snippet('weatherAlert') or weatherAlert('latest') or something along thonse lines.

Does it have to be a widget on the dashboard?
It’d be very easy to do in a page.

I would love to have it as a widget, because it’s not a page … it’s an alert. But if it’s to hard to achieve that I will do it as a page …

You could for example make it part of the site blueprint. If required, you could create a simple widget that links to the site options. Best of both worlds. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if I have understand you right but I have realised a widget/modul for an template as own page but disabled.
The disabled-state is necessary or you will get an menuitem for that widget/modul.
On the snippet I filter directly to that page.
Addiional you can add a checkbox to set the widget/modul to show or not. With that you have overwritten the kirby enabled/disabled function.


I’m doing that for now - thanks a lot :slight_smile: