Create custom upload folder for my client

Hi all,
For a client I need to redesign a website and keep the structure where all files (PDFs and docs) are.

Now is something like this:

Here the client can create subfolders and upload PDFS and docs files that he will link in the Website.

Is something like this possible with Kirby?


You can’t upload to a folder outside of content from the Panel. You could create a custom upload form in the frontend, or you could even create plugin as a custom Panel field or widget.

Your user would have to link to all these files manually though, unless you query these images in a select or image field. But if you wanted to link to such images, you would have to remember the path and add the complete path to the file into the text fields. Not very comfortable. Or you would have to create a custom image tag that creates a link to the assets folder.

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