Cover image field's `multiple:false` doesn't seem to work (blueprint)

I’m having trouble creating a cover image selection field group that is actually limited to one image only. (There’s even a light error border around the whole field, since I guess it’s failing the multiple:false or max:1 limit.) I set multiple: false as well as max: 1 in this file field group, but it still shows all of the images of a page in this section.

In the blueprints, the 2 sections I have marked (“cover” and “gallery”) are structured differently but both end up looking very similarly in the actual panel.

Since the blueprints themselves are so simple, I’m wondering if there are any other external factors that might be messing this up:

  • I am migrating from Kirby 2 to Kirby 3, so these files were existing beforehand. Do I have to clear cache or change anything in the original image metadata?

  • Are there limitations/different constraints on whether these files are defined as a field group vs. a section in the blueprint?

Thank you and merry christmas! :christmas_tree:

Currently you use files section and you need to use files filed.

Thank you, that was it!

I had to add the extra section before extending the files field:

  - width: 1/2
      # Cover image field
       **type: fields**
            extends: fields/cover

Appreciate the help :slight_smile: