Correct way to escape angle brackets "<", ">" in textarea field?

What is the correct way to escape angle brackets?

I’m trying to use it in a sentence like: “<insert something here>”, but I think Kirby is trying to interpret it as a link/email tag and just doesn’t display anything. However, if I try to use “& lt;” and “& gt;” (added spaces so it doesn’t get rendered in this post) it works.

However, the next time I load the panel edit page for that post, the textarea renders the html entities as “<” and “>”, and then saves them like that, which leads me back to the original issue.

I’ve also tried using backslashes, but that doesn’t help. I’m hoping there’s an easier way than meddling with the source code to work out where the html is escaped/unescaped.

Just tested: You need to escape the last bracket, like this:

<insert something here\>