Copy Pasting from gDoc

We re new with Kirby and just testing our editorial workflows (using the online demo). One issue we experience is that when copy / pasting from gDocs, Kirby adds “extra” empty lines. The empty lines are actually meant to add a paragraph.:slight_smile: This creates some additional extra work as either empty blocks are generated or empty lines are there.

I added a screencast:

  • Any ideas how to fix that?
  • Is there a better way to add line breaks to the gDoc in the first place?

If you want to test on your own check our test gDoc:

Also images are no copied, is there a way to make images also appear as a block? In Gutenberg (sorry, just as a reference:)) is it at least displayed and you than have to upload the picture with an extra click.

Hm, this is the result I get from your test document, which looks good to me? (Tested with Kibry


Is there a difference from the online testing environment?

The screenshot also not reveals the critical part which is when you have extra line breaks (commented the abstract in the gDoc).

What about pictures, they are not pasted to Kirby?
What about tables? Can they be pasted, what is the best way to add them manually?

Oh, sorry, I missed that the doc was that long. Tables and images didn’t work. And the extra line breaks added extra space, that’s right.

I think images only work if you copy from HTML.

So there is no way that you can make tables and images work? Or can this be done with own coding / work?

Images work if you paste from HTML, didn’t seem to work from Word either, tables I have no idea if it works if you have a table block set up, but anyway I don’t think it would support complex tables.