Content of only one page doesn't show up

Hello, I was wondering if someone experienced that content of only one page/template doesnt show up? And the weird thing is, it only happens on one device ( an iMac Retina).
Its working pretty good on another iMac, Macbook, iPhone and iPad.

What could be the mistake here ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hint: Clear your cache there

Thats what we tried. But it still wont show up

Does this happen no matter what browser you use?

Yes I also tested this on different browsers

What version of MacOS is it running? Do you have anything like ad blockers or security software installed?

I have seen images dissappear when ive happened to get the same size commonly used for adverts, but never a whole page missing. Most odd!

Can you post a link to the page? maybe i can take a look.

yes sure:
Its the “advertising” page which wont show up.

He is running High Sierra 10.13.5

Your images on that page get blocked as advertising…possibly because you called the page advertising :slight_smile:

My ad blocker stops 14 images from showing up on that page.

Oh ! … haha. He also had an Ad Blocker installed. Never thought about this.
Its now working. So I guess the only solution is to rename it?

Thank you very much!

Possibly… ad blockers look for phrases like “advert” or “advertising” in url’s and filenames. They also check for common sizes used by adverts. There is a list of sizes here. Just avoid those sizes and any namings that could sound like an advert.

Im using Opera browser, which has a built in ad blocker. I also have Adguard installed. Test with those.

Okay will do it. Thank you very much for.

I just tested this with the ad blocker on:

And its not hiding anything. Even if the url contains advertising.

With AdGuard on…


oh wow… okay. Its a very interesting topic.

Yes :slight_smile: AdGuard is actually blocking a total of 28 resources on that Advertising page, 14 of which are images. I suspect its blocking the full size images as well as the thumbs, which would make sense becuase it adds up to 28.