Combine extends: and when: inside a structure

Hi there!

Im kinda new to Kirby but love it. But I need some help since I got into some problems.
I have a structure field and inside of it there is first a options field where you can choose the typ of block you want to add.

Next one is a field that is extended, but I only want to show it if the right opion is selected in the first field.

type: group
    type: structure
    empty: Lägg till innehåll
    label: Innehåll
        type: select
        label: Blocktyp
          imagetextblock: Bild och text
          menublock: Meny
        extends: fields/imagetextblock
          blockType: imagetextblock

All shows up but the “when” doesnt seem to work…

Hi, and welcome to Kirby and the forum

Does that mean that the imagetextblock is always showing, no matter what is selected int he blockType field?

Seems to work for me, although I just replaced the extends with a simple text field because you didn’t show what that extended field contains.