Extending Core Blocks for type "layout"


extending core blocks is well explained in the documentation here:

But the explanation reffers to the field of type “blocks” and i dont get it how to implement it into my field of type “layout”.

The field in my YAML is attached

Greetings and many thanks for your help


It works in the same way as for blocks. The layout field is only different in that it provides additional settings and the column definitions.

On a side note: never post code as screenshot but as code within three backticks before and after the code for code highlighting, see image below, thank you.


Hi, many thanks for your advice.
i double checked this, and i solved it. I will keep in mind to post code directly without an image.
One question about the line

  extends: blocks/heading

does something like “blocks/*” exist? For example lets say i want to add a field called “CSS classes” which should be rendert for every block element.

Thanks for your helpfulness

No, that won’t work.