Clicking on paginated structure field item opens wrong item

I have a structure field with many entries. I wanted to limit the number of entries shown, so I added limit: 10 to the blueprint. Pagination works fine. However, there is one problem: let´s say I have 20 entries in my structure field and I set limit: 10. If I go to the second page and click any of the entries, the equivalent from the first page opens. For example, I click on the first entry on the second page and I expect it to open the 11th entry from my structure field. But it opens the first entry (literally the first entry from the field).

Is this a known issue? I could not find it anywhere. Thanks!

Yes, looks like it, at least I can reproduce it.

This should now be fixed on the develop branch and will be in the next release (3.1.3).

Would be great if you could test if it now works for you as expected.

Just to be sure - I should download the develop branch here and use it to replace my original kirby folder?

I tried that and the pagination still does not work as expected. :thinking:

Yes, exactly.

I’ll check it out myself later.


The develop branch still has the old dist files. Unless you build your js yourself you will still run into it.

So, let’s wait for the pre-release.

No problem, thanks Sonja!

Edit: I just tested Kirby 3.1.3-rc.1 and everything works fine, so I guess the issue is solved. :slight_smile:

@czJonny Thanks for your feedback!