Checkboxes: Query Tags?

Trying to use the query function for checkboxes, but would like to have a simple tag field in the site section, and query them as checkboxes in another blueprint. Is something like this possible without a lot of intervention? Or do i need to make a special controller?

So it would be something like this:

    label: Category
    type: checkboxes
    default: architecture
    options: query
      page: ((can this be the site?))
      fetch: ((tag selector name))
      value: '{{tagname}}'
      text: '{{tagname}}'

You would have to either create your own custom field or query an API that is automatically generated as json from the site’s tags field via a panel hook that is triggered every time the site section is updated.

I have created a feature request issue on GitHub.


Has been added to the develop branch - will be included in the next release:

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