Check if language file loaded or default is loaded

is it possible to check if the default content file is loaded or a language one is loaded instead.

I know i can check to see if the url is a language one… such as

but if there is no content then the default mypage.txt will get loaded.
so i want to know if the language file gets loaded if there is one, or if the default file get loaded.
Maybe there is a variable i can check?

You can check if content in a language exists like that:

$language = $site->language();
if($page->content($language->code())->language() == $site->language($language->code())) {
  //do stuff

thats great.
thanks for that.

is it also possible to check which language files are available for the loaded page?
for example… if there is 3 site languages, but only 2 language files for an individual page i want to know just those 2 languages.

Check out this thread, maybe it helps. I can’t think of a better solution right now.