Changing "page" text on pagination query string

I’m using pagination but my query string like that:


I want to change page text on URL for example:


Is is possible?

Yes, you can do sth like this:

$articles = $page->children()->paginate(20, array( 'variable' => 'sayfa' )); 

If you want different variables for different languages:

$articles = $page->children()->paginate(20, array( 'variable' => $site->language()->code() == 'de' ? 'seite' : 'page' )); 
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Awesome! :laughing:

And second option is perfect! :+1:

@texnixe Thank you, I really appreciate it.

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I couldnt find this feature. I think, this feature should put on documentation on site.

You are right, it’s one of the hidden goodies :grinning: I’ll add it to the docs ASAP.


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