Change directory where block type "image" is saved to

Hi there

I am using kirby in a headless way and the image in a block does only contain the filename.
I would like to save all the images saved to this kind of page into the same directory, so that a user could also select from images uploaded to other posts.

This would give me a way to know the filepath. I see there is a thread about a similar topic: KQL plugin : how to get the image URL from the image block? - #2 by seriamlo

This would also kind of solve my problem, but as I said I really would like to give the user sort of a media library folder, where every asset is saved.
I mean now when reusing an image an editor has to upload the image every single time…

Cheers and Thanks in advance.

Actually this would still be interesting, but it would not solve my problem, as the filepath for an image includes a hash/id which I don’t know:

and the actual url would be like:

So how could I tackle this problem? :woozy_face: