Caption for random image


Hi all,

Struggling with this one, I am calling random images from a specific template, with the following snippet below, which is working great. How might bring I also echo their corresponding image captions? All of the images have accompanying caption txt files.

Thanking you in advanced for your help!

 <div class="random-image-article">
<a href="index">
// find pages with tag + images
$pagesWithImage = $site->index()->visible()->filterBy('template', 'in', ['maps', '']);
// pick random page + random image
if ($pagesWithImage->count()) {
  $newtag = $pagesWithImage->shuffle()->first()->images()->shuffle()->first();
// resize image
if ($newtag) {
  echo $newtag->thumb()->html();

echo $newTag->caption();


Thank you, this worked perfectly !