Can't upload a user profile image

I use Xampp and the newest version of kirby.

But I can’t upload a profile image to my user profile. What can be the problem?

The image is a jpg.



Unfortunately, this is a problem with the Apache configuration on Windows, see this post: Can't upload JPG files

@texnixe thanks for your answer.

Is it possible to make it manually and when, how?

You can put an image with the same filename as the username into /assets/avatars, i.e. if your username is md1986, the image must be named md1986.jpg (or .png, .gif).

What do you think of changing the panel code to ignore the mime type detection, only if running on Windows computers?

If the user “uploads” the file using the Windows Explorer then the panel cannot check the mime type of this upload.

This is not a valid fix. Disabling a security feature just because that’s the easiest way to make something work is not a good idea.

Of course there are no checks if you put the image directly into the content directory. But that’s like if you’d edit the WordPress database. There can’t be any protection here.

As far as I can tell, not a lot of users actually host their Kirby sites on Windows servers in production.