Can't login to panel in version 2.2.3

no, I even just intalled kirby withot anything else. created first user. and couldn’t log in.

or try it whit a another browser?

Edit: Delet your Cashe and Cookies

I did it. it doesn’t work. also tried with different browsers.

i have no more ideas sorry :frowning: Maybe @lukasbestle or @texnixe can Help you, Good Luck!!

Some basic questions:

  • Which PHP version is installed on the server?
  • Which webserver do you use (Apache, Nginx etc.)?

Also, can you find anything in the php error logs (with debug turned on)?

PHP Version 5.6.17 on apache.2.2

I turned the debug on with
but I don’t get any php errors nor can I see any in error logs (last entry from december!)

I definitely see that a cookie is being created (and I also debugged the process with printouts all the way until the cookie and the redirect after) for the user to be logged in, so it seems that the bug is in the filter somewhere, I’m trying to find where the filter is being applied to deal with it there…

That all looks good.

Other people had a very similar issue before.
The solutions there are related to the session store and the Varnish cache proxy. Maybe some of that applies to your server as well?

I don’t think so. I don’t know if its the best way to check but there is a site that you can check for the chace on it - and it says it’s not working.

Also, is the login problem is only happening with the latest version of kirby, does that mean anything?
I have a site running with an old version it’s working fine.

The weirdest thing is that a month ago I also had a site using kirby 2.2.3 running on this server and it worked fine (this is my staging server, my client already bought 3 kirby licenses and we’re planning on 2 or 3 more).

I’m still playing with kirby trying to figure what’s happening, will keep yall updated.

Could you try and test with the Kirby 2.3 beta?

What is different between the site that worked fine and the current one? Installed plugins, fields etc.?

I actually tried uploading the previous one to the server again, just to test. and it doesn’t let me log in either…

I did figure out that the problem is the session variables - more specifically both


are still returning empty values…
I’m trying to figure out why.

I made sure the session is getting written. and it’s partially so, I can see in the file that parts of it are being written and parts arent.

specifically I get the csrf, kirby session fingerprint and activity in… on the other hand I don’t get those two values.

it also seems like when I try to log in, it gets deleted immidietly after and I get an empty session.

I now see that I do get the variables saved. but as soon as I get redirected that session gets destroyed for some reason

Something weird is happening.

I’m looking at the cookie and the session file.
It looks like in the cookie there is a variable called kirby_session and it’s equal to the session ID. BUT thep PHPSESSID is different.
So is php trying to load the new PHPSESSID everytime? I don’t have much experience with sessions… so does anyone know how that works? get around it?

anyway, signing off for a bit.

Thanks for looking into this. In this post, @bastianallgeier already suggested the problem might be session related. @bastianallgeier, any news on that?

We had some similar issues here in the forum where the root cause apparently couldn’t be found.

I resolved it. But I don’t like the solution. So I’m still waiting for @bastianallgeier to respond.

I basically switched to PHP 5.6.17 fastcGI, and then the log in worked.

What did you use before? The Apache PHP module? This may even be a good hint.

I guess that was it… whatever my shared hosting gave me. I’m not so much into server admin.

and it probably is. but still, I made sure that there was writing permissions on the sessions folder. I even saw the sessions being written (there were files with sess_“string”). Is there other known bugs that might happen because of the mod_php ?

yup, i would have a SSL Problem on my Hoster, but after that it works perfect…Magic :blush:

Actually, something extra strange happened with this…

I installed another website. and it stopped working again. So I switched back to the old php handler. and now it’s all working again.

Its like I have to change php version every time I have to install kirby. I know it’s my server’s problem. (and it’s not bad enough that I have to actually tackle it) but thats strange.

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Well, that’s really strange. Must be something else. Good luck with finding the issue. :slight_smile: