Can't log into Kirby panel after moving to

This is definitely a hosting issue.

I have a barebones test Kirby setup (protected via .htpasswd) on my previous host that works fine, but when I migrated to the new host ( yesterday I’m no longer able to login.

At first I couldn’t even reach the login screen, as I got an error telling me the site/sessions folder isn’t writable. I have to set permission to 777 using Filezilla before I can enter my credentials.

However once I entered my credentials it briefly flashed the following screen

…before booting me to test site’s 404/error page.

I have debug turned on in the config.php but I got nothing.

I checked using phpinfo() to make sure all required extensions are turned on, and I’m using PHP 8.1.

Anyone got an idea?

Have you checked the php error logs/server error logs? Or is there anything more useful in the dev tools console?

I tried clearing the error_log produced by NearlyFreeSpeech (to weed out previous unrelated errors) and trigger the login issue again.

No new entry has been recorded.

This is the dev console error received during the flash that I screenshotted in my opening post:

Does Kirby keep its own error logs?

Does barebones mean a Plain- or Starterkit without any extensions?

Plain kit, no extensions.

What about the browser’s network tab? Any API requests with garbage responses (HTML)?

See network tab below, it shows 404 for the testsite/panel/login route:

I will try to ask in their support forum.

Yes, might make sense. What settings do you have in your config.php?

Their support suggest I seek help over at CMS vendor haha…

Anyways, I only have debug turned on in the config.

Edit: continuing my troubleshooting over in new thread: