Can't find the topbar-file in new panel

where are the topbar file where the html is build in panel 2.2.3?
In the versions before there was a topbar.php in snippets/pages.


If you ask because you want to add something to it: That would be panel/app/topbars/user.php.


In Kirby 2.3.0 there is a file panel\app\src\panel\topbar.php, but I don’t know if you look for this file.

Good luck!

That’s the topbar class, not the topbar snippet.

I’m looking for that file where the HTML is build.
I want only to add an customers logo in the topbar.
In the oldversions it was really easy.

But I have to proof the user.php before I can say that this is the file what I’m looking for.

The whole way the topbar is created has changed, so there does not seem to be any snippet anymore where you can simply add some html. The topbar is defined in the Topbar class mentioned above.