Can't Edit 404 page in Kirby 3


So in Kirby 2, it used to be that you’d have a page in content called error, and you could edit that blueprint and content just like any other page. However, when I try to list out all pages in my site.yml file…

        headline: All Pages
        type: pages

the error page doesn’t show up. If I filter down to just the error template

    headline: All Pages
    type: pages
      - error

It also doesn’t show up. Now, error/error.txt is in my /content folder, and I do see the text in it resulting when I try to go to a bad URL. But even if I try to force the page in the panel by going to (which should work), it (ironically) comes back with it’s own 404 error.


Is this a bug?

The error.yml blueprint has read set to false.

title: Error

  read: false

If you remove that option setting, the page should show up in your list.

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Oh, wow, that was totally it.

Thanks, @texnixe - that solves it. I can edit the page now.