Can't create page on database using the panel


I’m following the guide to use content from a database: Content from a database | Kirby CMS

I have copied the example, but I have a problem when trying to create a “comment” using the panel: after the dialog to enter the title, the panel can’t redirect to the comment page and shows an error message: “The page “comments/test” cannot be found”.

I’m not sure if I’m missing something, as far as I checked and re-checked I did all steps of the guide.

Thanks for any help :pray: !

Did the entry actually end up in the database? Was there no error that the entry couldn’t be created?

Yes, the entries end up in the database, but then the panel can’t redirect to them. The panel also doesn’t show the entries neither as a draft nor as a published page.


I’d assume you have gone wrong somewhere, I just copied everything into a new Starterkit and it still works as expected.

Hi @texnixe, thanks for your reply! I figured it out yesterday night: I have a multi-language setup, that was the problem… this thread helped me figure out how to continue: Database demo, multi-language setup?