Can users create themselves?

A question on user permissions:

What does

create: false 

mean in a blueprint like site\blueprints\users\editor.yml?

This setting we can find e.g. at Role based permissions in user blueprints.

How can a user create himself ???
What is the difference to

create: TRUE 


I think that is an error in the docs.

Thanks in advance for correcting the documentation in all necessary places.

In my opinion the following setting should not be possible

create: TRUE 

Thank you very much for your change in the docs.


I am speaking again on almost the same subject, although this time in the opposite direction.

I have added in a template:

<?php echo '$site->permissions():'; dump( $site->permissions() ); ?>
<?php echo '$page->permissions():'; dump( $page->permissions() ); ?>

After comparing the results on the rendered page with the aforementioned documentation page Docs: Role based permissions in user blueprints, I believe that there are differences to the already discussed documentation page:

    changeTitle: true
    changeStatus: true
    duplicate: true
    read: true
    preview: false

Another question is of course whether a choice as of pages: read: false makes sense here.

Thanks for your support.

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This thread may is be to old or it is because it has the status “Solved”. I don’t know. May be @texnixe will tell you…

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