Can’t redeclare thumb

Just updated to the recent version of kirby which is a submodule (as well as the toolkit, panel and my content) in my project.

Here’s what I’m getting:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare thumb() (previously declared in /Users/sm/Sites/ej/app/kirby/toolkit/helpers.php:290) in /Users/sm/Sites/ej/app/kirby/helpers.php on line 327

Which should I remove?


There should in fact be two helpers.php files, one in /kirby and one in /kirby/toolkit. But it seems like something has gone wrong with those two files in your installation. There is no thumb() method in the second one, or there should not be.

Ah thanks, user error.

My toolkit had detached from master and hadn’t been updated in a while.
Pulled from master within toolkit and all is working great again!