Toolkit thumb: “Unable to save image”

Hi everyone,

I encounter issues with the Toolkit thumb function in a custom Kirby-tag. As I mention it in the post title, the function seems unable to save images when panel and templates can.

I don’t understand if I don’t use the function correctly or if it’s a server configuration problem. But from a server configuration point of view, it seems OK, because the thumb folder is not empty.

My function is

$_thumb = new Thumb($file->root(), array(
  'driver' => 'gd',
  'width'  => $tag->attr('width') ?: c::get('kirbytext.image.width', null),
  'height' => $tag->attr('height') ?: c::get('kirbytext.image.height', null),

This function does not create new files in the thumb folder.
I tried with and without gd driver (im by default, kirby/toolkit/lib/thumb.php line 24)
With im, I cannot output anything, with gd, I can see an error if I add echo $e; on line 363 of kirby/toolkit/lib/thumb.php (I did not manage how to use thumb::error()).

Any help appreciates.




I just had to set a root option because default is set to /thumbs (and it’s from the root of your server).

$_thumb = new Thumb($file, array(
  'driver' => 'gd',
  'root' => kirby()->roots()->thumbs(),
  'width'  => $tag->attr('width') ?: c::get('kirbytext.image.width',null),
  'height' => $tag->attr('height') ?: c::get('kirbytext.image.height',null),
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Hum, a strange thing appends.

My function is in Kirby tag.

If I use it like this, the created thumbnails are named and organized like the old fashion flat-hashed way.
Don’t change anything, but use a $anotherImage->resize($width) somewhere
before in the template, and the Kirby tag thumbnails are properly
renamed and organized like 2.3. do.

Why? Is the resize() method defines some global parameters I missed?



With Kirby 2.3, the CMS-specific thumb code has been moved from the Toolkit to a new thumb component. The Thumb class is now more low-level.

You can use the CMS-specific code if you use the thumb() helper instead of new Thumb.

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Thank you @lukasbestle! It works like a charm!

You can find its application here :

Cheers :beer: