Can I add a query string to asset URL when using css()


I want to add a version/timestamp query string to the end of my CSS and JS asset URLs. I have been using <?= css('assets/styles.min.css') ?> in the head tag but I can’t figure out if I can append a query string using that method.

So, for now I have switched to <link href="https://.../assets/styles.css?v=<?php echo time(); ?>" rel="stylesheet">. That works but, of course, means that I have to hard code the absolute URL.

(I have tried a couple of plugins but they seem to add the timestamp to the actual filename rather than adding a query string. And I couldn’t find anything in the Forum that was basic enough for me!)

Is there a way to add a query string whilst still using the css() method?


<?= css('assets/styles.min.css') . '?v=' . time() ?>

But you don’t really want use time() to create a new version on every reload, do you?

Thanks, Sonja.

No, you’re right, I shouldn’t have used ‘time’. I want to add the timestamp of last file modification. I think I might need to return to one of the plugins but learn how to configure the .htaccess REWRITE COND to place the timestamp as a query string.

For example, the .htaccess condition supplied with the Cachebuster plugin generates the filename as…


but what I want to achieve is…


If you have a suggestion other than me learning more about .htaccess formatting, I’d be very grateful.

I have two solutions for you which i use.

1) Out of the box

<?= css(['assets/css/style.css?ver=' . filemtime("assets/css/style.css") . '', '@auto']); ?>

But you have to put the path two times


2) With plugin

<?= css('assets/css/style.css') ?>

From the docs: CSS URLs | Kirby CMS
Additional i needed to put this before to work:
use Kirby\Cms\App;
use Kirby\Cms\Url;

You can also use the plugin from the repo, which creates the output the way you want:

Thanks so much, slgdev. Your out of the box solution is exactly what I was after.

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Thanks, Sonja. I’ll keep this solution in mind for possible future use.