Bug? Field’s action menu items can be partially hidden


I’ve a weird issue using the Panel:
When scrolling to the last item of a panel page, and I want to delete it using the local menu, the Delete option can be hidden by cancel/save bar (see image), so obviously, I cannot choose the Delete option.

Currently, to fix it, I added to the blueprint a spacer using the Gap field type.

            type: fields
                type: gap

But maybe it’s a Kirby’s bug ?

Thanks for reporting :+1: Yes, this is known issue. But there is no permanent solution yet.

I found another trick to fix this issue using a custom panel css directive:

.k-fields-section:last-of-type .k-block-container:last-of-type .k-dropdown-content {
  top: auto;
  bottom: -60px;

This displays the pop-up menu above the field toolbar, only for the last element.
I think it’s a more elegant way to fix it than my hacky blueprint addition.

What do you think of?

:last-of-type should be also added to the .k-fields-section class

We can ask @bastianallgeier to review this solution.