Broken Admin Panel

All of the sudden our Kirby /admin panel isn’t working. Not really sure how to track down the error here, any help would be great. Tried removing all composer dependencies (and cache) and re-installing.

And the default.php template does exist and is readable?

Yes, and now I’m seeing this locally?

Yes, that error shows up if debugging is set to true to remind you to change these methods. Looks like you just updated from an older version. This warning was introduced in 3.3.0

It seems you are upgrading from Kirby 2 to Kirby 3, here if the guide to migrate from k2 to k3

@texnixe Okay, if I resolve all of those errors or turn off debug, will this issue go away?

@Turqueso I am not upgrading, already on Kirby 3!

@pandp Yes, of course. Although I suggest that your update the code instead of turning debugging off. As the message says, these methods are now deprecated and will stop working when 3.5 is released. So to make your code future-proof… And you still want to get debug messages while developing, so turning debug off is not advisable while developing.

Makes sense, but at the moment my client is having trouble logging into the panel, and i’m not sure what the root cause is… these deprecations or something else?

I can’t tell you that because the error messages so far had other causes. Also, correct me if I’m wrong but it looks like you have updated Kirby, so these changes are not really suddenly out of the blue? Or what changes did happen before the user could no longer log in?

On the production server we haven’t upgraded yet, and it seemed like all of the sudden they weren’t able to access the panel this morning? I’ve been trying to debug locally but was wondering if there’s a quick fix to this in the meantime before diving back in and fixing these deprecations.

Ok, is there a .logins file in one or more of the accounts folders? If so, delete them. Then check if the users can log in again.

There doesn’t seem to be a .logins file in the accounts folders, just an .htpasswd file. I did disable debug and this is what page I am brought to when I try to view the admin panel. (we also never had an actual default.php template but I created one and this is where it directs to.

I can’t seem to figure out what’s going on!
Is the visible() deprecation messing up the ability to view the admin panel? Is there some routing that is messing with it?

No, the deprecated methods do only throw an error in debug mode, that should not interfere with the Panel.

Have you moved the Panel to the admin location? Default is /panel, not admin. What you see above is the error page, because the admin page doesn’t exist.

The default.php template comes with the Starterkit or Plainkit, it has always been a required file, also in older versions.

Whoops, yes, it looks like this had something to do with the production server running out of memory and /panel should be working.

I wonder why the default.php file wasn’t included, but will follow up when the deprecations are fixed and we get to the bottom of it!