Blueprint template choice being ignored

Not sure if this is a mistake on my part or bug / quirk. I have a plugin setup that contains some common blueprints / field definitions that I tend to use on most projects.

I have a file in site/blueprints/options/changetemplate.yml that is not in the plugin, with the templates listed that I want to use. I extend this into page blueprints (these might be in the usual place or in the plugin).

  - default
  - home
  - contact

Trouble is, it seems to combine this list with the template blueprints declared in the plugin, so i get them all listed when i make a new page in the panel. What i really want is to keep a common library of blueprints in the plugin, and pick and choose the ones i need for this particular project using the file above. Currently, it seems to be ignoring it and giving a combined list of page templates from the plugin and the standard blueprint folder.

Any way to do that?