Blueprint question: how to display slug only if non-default language?

Good afternoon

since I somehow cannot find the documentation on conditions in Blueprints, I am asking my question here: how can I make the slug field in my blueprint conditional on the current language being the non-default language (= English)? I.e. how can I show the slug field only if a user is currently working on the non-English version of a page?

        label: The slug of the question (
        type: slug
        required: true


You can set it to translate: false, then it will show as disabled on a non-default languages

Thanks but I would like quite the opposite: when the language is not the default one to show the slug so I can change it to being translated.

Does that make sense?


I see, but your questions are pages, so you don’t need this slug field at all. To translate the slug, you use the “Change Url” option from the settings menu. Please remove the field.

Oh you are right of course - for pages the slug is generated by the title automatically - since the title is translated, the slug is as well.

Don’t know what I mixed up here, thanks @texnixe !


Yes, but only in the default language. For the other languages, you have to translate the slug, but not via an additional slug field but through the menu, which then automatically adds a slug field.