Blueprint > query > text Does not interpret html markup anymore?


I just upgraded a Kirby website from 3.3.6 to

In a blueprint I use the query option to set a checkbox label:

    label: Proposals to evaluate
    type: checkboxes
    width: 3/4
    options: query
      fetch: page.parent.children.unlisted.template('proposal')
      text: '{{ page.title }} <span style="width:125px;text-align:right;font-size:0.75em;color:#777;float:right">{{ page.nbrEvaluators }}</span>'

With Kirby 3.3.6, the HTML markup in “text” option is interpreted and the style is applied.
With Kirby, the HTML markup is not interpreted anymore and are displayed as a string.

This does not happen with the “info” option, markup are still interpreted in both Kirby versions.

Is it a bug or an intended change ?

I can reproduce the issue, but haven’t checked what change might have caused the issue. Maybe report it on GitHub-