Blocks: The field type "fieldName" does not exist

I recently upgraded an site to Kirby 3.5 and moved from builder to blocks.

I have a simple blueprint like:

        type: blocks
          - image
          - video

On my local dev setup (valet - php 7.4.9/nginx), everything works fine.

On the remote dev server (php 7.4.15/nginx), I get an error:

The field type “items” does not exist

(this occurs with new and existing items)

I’ve tried:

  • Cleared cache, private window, another browser
  • Removing all plugins
  • Removing /kirby, composer.lock and reinstalling completely with composer install

I see no errors in console or network inspector. Changing the field from type blocks to anything else works.

I’m very confused because it is all working locally but not on the remote server.

Did you remove the media folder?

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Thank you this worked, I’m sorry if I missed this, I can’t seem to find this tip anywhere!

I added a sentence in the section about updating.