Kirby 3.7 blocks issue

i’ve just installed the 3.7 release but I’m running into a strange issue regarding blocks field.

When I upgraded the site from 3.5 to 3.6, I used the Builder migration instructions to convert textarea fields to blocks. Now that I’ve installed the 3.7 release, the previously converted fields no longer are rendered, both in the panel and in the front-end.

This is an example of how the field content was converted from 3.5 to 3.6:


        "attrs": [],
        "content": "Sembravano destinati a grandi cose gli <strong>Horrors</strong>. Dopo un <em>debut </em>che fece rizzare le orecchie degli appassionati di mezzo mondo, ogni uscita veniva guardata con curiosa ammirazione e il loro nome rimbalzava su tutte le riviste che contano. Poi però l'hype è sfumato, gli anni sono passati e il mainstream si è dimenticato di loro.",
        "id": "_erg8hosf6",
        "type": "paragraph"

As you may notice, the type is “paragraph”.

Running Kirby 3.6 it works like a charm, but on 3.7 this is how the field is rendered in the panel (on the front-end it renders nothing):

How to solve? Thanks

type should be text. So I’d recommend to do a string replacement from “paragraph” to “text” in your IDE.

Thank you @texnixe for the quick reply. But why it was converted with “type:paragraph” at the time?

Good question, I don’t have an answer.

I think it stopped working now because the converter was removed.

But should be a quick fix with search and replace… Make a backup first just in case.