Blocks inside structure field: how to preview?

I have a blocks field with text, list and image blocks inside a structure and I want the structure table to show the a text excerpt of the first text field in each row as preview. At the moment it just shows three periods (horizontal ellipsis) everywhere which isn’t very helpful in seeing which section contains which text. How is that possible?

With structure field previews:

Man, that was a quick reply. :slight_smile:
Yeah but I have no idea what I would have to do with that. I’m barely familiar with Vue and there doesn’t seem to be a real world example on the page you linked to, off which I can work. As far as I understand I have to create a field plugin for that before I can create a custom preview? This looks very complex. Hasn’t anyone created something like this before, which I can use, so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel?

No, absolutely not!

Yes, you are lucky! I just saw that @sylvainjule’s plugin also has a preview for the blocks field:

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Thanks much. That plugin does help but isn’t quite doing what I want. I guess showing the (text) content of a block inside the structure is pretty complex. But perhaps if I have a little more time I can use/extend that plugin to try coding my custom solution.

Yes, at least it gives you example how this works in general and therefore shouldn’t be to hard to come up with your own.