Best practice to manage and archive events

I had a look at some examples here and tried different things but can’t really figure it out exactly:

I have a page “events” where I create all events as subpages, so I don’t need to move them around if they are in the future or past. Then I have the pages “Soon”, “Now”, “Archive”, where I display the links to the corresponding events, achieved with filterBy() and sortBy(). This works fine so far.

But now I need to navigate in those categories “Soon”, “Now”, “Archive” with “Previous” and “Next”. How can I get to that ? The nicest would be to get an url like for example “/soon/event1” and I can navigate through the “Soon” events only. If the url has to change in the end for that its not a problem.

How can I get the events in the category pages ? Now when I click on them it goes to “/events/event1”.

And is this the way for the prev next still for K3 ?
Next Previous link with filter

Thanks a lot for your help in advance !

My custom methods would work if your pages were filtered in the main events page. But since you are using different subpages, they alone won’t quite help.

What you need for your prev-next to work is a combination of the custom-methods with maybe a page model or a manual URL-part that takes care of loading the right category page.

The custom getPrev/getNext methods for Kirby 3 are here:

Thanks a lot, the page-methods work pefectly ! This is great.

Here I couldn’t figure out how to do it to get an url like “/soon/event1”. I would have the “Previous” and “Next” on the event page itself ("/soon/event1" and so on). Would that be possible ?

Not quite sure I get it all. Could you post your code or DM me .zip so I can see it in action?

Thanks for the offer, I managed to find a solution just with the prev-next.
Thanks a lot for the help !