Best approach to building a product site with three section


I am building a site with three sections outdoor, indoor and lighting which each will have multiple collections within and the same layout but different products. I am trying to figure out the best approach. I should I create different pages.yml for each product section or do I share two pages.yml (product, products) for each of the product section? If so how should I name the templates. How would you approach this project.

Thank you for suggestions and ideas.

Could you please be more specific what you mean with sections? Are these really different section on the same page, or are they actually supposed to be different pages.

If different pages: If the fields you need to describe these products are more or less the same, you can use a single blueprint and a single template for the single pages (plus the blueprint + template for the overview page, so for example, products.yml and products.php and product.yml and product.php.

So I have an outdoor page, indoor and lighting products. Each of these section will have different categories. When someone click on the Accent chairs they will see list of chairs that belongs to accent chair…so on. How would I show products on the indoor using the same blueprint ?

Example: Outdoor Page
Accent Chair(Parent)

  • Chair A
  • Chair B
  • Chair c

within the same Outdoor Page
Dining Tables (Parent)

  • Tables A
  • Tables B
  • Tables c

Hopefully I answer your question.

Thank you

Hm, not really. As I tried to say above, it depends on whether or not all your products need a more or less similar description.

  • price
  • material
  • color
  • sizes

It depends on what you need to describe these different products. I can’t answer this question for you.

If the fields you need to describe the products are more or less the same => one blueprint
If they are very different => multiple blueprints or conditional fields in one blueprint if that makes sense.

Same fields and layouts. Only different items.

Thank you