Batch deleting pages


How can i batch delete pages that selected?


What do you mean by selected?
You can delete them straight from your content folder (via ftp if the site is hosted).

Or you can delete them via the panel, one by one. No way to do a mass delete that I know of.

Do you mean in the Panel? There’s currently no UI to select multiple pages, so you can’t currently.

Sorry, yes i mean on Panel. I think this feature should be on next versions :wink:

I can delete via FTP sure but client couldnt done easy.

Maybe you could create a widget that does that?

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Widget is so sensible. Can i do for subpages, not on dashboard?

You could probably try to build this from a field. I think you could use the excellent subpage list from @flokosiol as a base.

I’m not 100% sure this is achievable. You’ll need to investigate :wink:

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If you wanna use my plugin as a starting point you may have a look at this post. There you’ll find some info how to use the plugin with your own template, because I’m using the Kirby default subpage snippet as it is. The plugin is just a kind of field wrapper with some filter options.

Might be helpful :wink:

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